Environmental, Social and Governance, Darren Scammell

Environmental, Social and Governance, Darren Scammell

During this session Darren wlli

  • Explain what ESG/sustainability is
  • Why it’s important
  • Provide some examples of ESG reporting
  • Discuss the issues with reporting
  • Explain what Greenwashing is
  • Suggest ways in which assurance can be provided over the reporting
  • Provide the steps to implementing an ESG report

About the Speaker

Darren Scammell is a Grant Thornton partner and the National Head of Financial Services.  He is also is a leader for Grant Thornton’s ESG advisory and assurance offering.  With a background in internal and external audit Darren joined Grant Thornton in July 2018.  He has over 24 years as a partner with Grant Thornton and a Big 4 accounting firm.  Darren meets APRA’s fit and proper requirements as an auditor for insurance, banking and superannuation entities.  As a past President of CAANZ, he has a passion for the accounting profession, particularly in education and the impact that sustainability reporting will have in the near future.  He is also a specialist in SME integrated reporting and thinking, and understands the need to support accountants and clients in this regard. 

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