Cyber Security, Bastien Treptel, CTRL Group

Cyber Security, Bastien Treptel, CTRL Group

A clear expectation for APRA regulated insurance companies is that they prioritise cybersecurity.  The threats are accelerating and changes in work practices are potentially leaving firms vulnerable. Compliance with CPS 234 Information Security is accordingly high on the regulatory radar.

During this one hour session Bastien provided insights into recent cybersecurity trends, common attack types (including examples relating to financial services), the reasons why companies are left vulnerable, and why our industry is a prominent target.  Also importantly this included how to assess cyber maturity and tips for protecting yourself.

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About our Speaker

Bastien Treptel, CTRL GROUP

Bastien is the co-founder of CTRL Group - Australia’s progressive information security firm, protecting businesses from cyber risk. CTRL Group offer best in class security solutions ranging from audits, hacking, monitoring, advisory and education.

With operations in Singapore, Australia & New Zealand, CTRL Group are on a mission to safeguard organisations from brand and reputational damage, as well as increasing public awareness about the importance of cybersecurity to their financial and personal wellbeing. Bastien is dedicated to inspiring everyone to appreciate security as it starts to become an essential part of our lives as we move into a hyper digitized world.

Bastien has developed a progressive security methodology to enable CTRL Group clients to achieve a respectable level of cyber maturity, effectively helping them mitigate critical risks posed to their stakeholders and shareholders.

Bastien is also the host of the CyberHacker podcast series which has achieved over 100,000 subscribers and is currently in production for season 2.

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