Theo Denovan, PwC

Theo Denovan, PwC

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Theo Denovan is a partner at PwC Australia in the Enterprise Digital team. He assists companies to use technology to solve operational challenges in their tax and finance functions. Theo leads the development team within Enterprise Digital, helping clients to adopt existing software to solve their problems or alternatively developing custom solutions for unique problems faced by clients. Relevant experience includes working extensively with multinational companies to solve challenges that intersect finance/tax and technology-delivering innovative client-focused initiatives which include:

Creation of end to end tax automation solutions for global technology companies

Utilising robotic process automation (RPA) to help clients reduce manual time spent in their tax and finance functions, including the use of RPA to automate some tax processes in their entirety

Development of custom finance automation solutions for one of Australia’s media companies

Implementation of finance automation solutions for a number of resource companies

In addition Theo has been responsible for the creation and delivery of a number of PwC’s digital products that are used by numerous clients including PwC Live Compliance, PwC Notebook and Swift.

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