James Trainor, KPMG

James Trainor, KPMG

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James is a Director in KPMG’s People Services group, and leads the Employment Taxes team in Sydney.  He has extensive experience advising on Pay-As-You-Go withholding and reporting, Fringe Benefits Tax, Payroll Tax and Superannuation, and well as assisting companies to turn data into value through the use of data analytics.

Having worked with an extensive range of clients, including large multinationals, non-for-profits and private family companies, James has had input into the design of the rules governing employment taxes through his active involvement with industry bodies and government consultations.

James has over 20 years of experience working in employment taxes and immediately prior to joining KPMG in October 2016, James was global head of Employment Taxes for Macquarie Group Limited.






Contact Details

Tel: 02 9455 9891

Email: jtrainor@kpmg.com.au


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