Kico Amata, Deloitte

Kico Amata, Deloitte

Finance Systems SME - Director

Kico has been working in the Enterprise Performance Management space for more than 20 years across Europe and Australia.

He has been leading Finance Transformation Programs in both Europe and Australia with a specific focus on Consolidation, PB&F and (Regulatory) Reporting across industries.

He has been working in Financial Services in the last 10 years, focusing on the Insurance and Banking industries.

Kico led various system and data strategy implementations in UK for Solvency II and more recently in Australia for IFRS17.

He is leading the IFRS17 campaign for Deloitte from a system standpoint and is connected with the global IFRS17 Deloitte team to provide a unified solution based on the local market needs.

Kico has a successful track record in Project Management and is PMI and Scrum (Agile) certified.

Member of the original SAP BFC team, Kico also has a good knowledge of SAP, Aptitude and Anaplan.

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