Why become a Corporate Member?

Why become a Corporate Member?


What is Corporate Membership?

Corporate membership entitles an employer to pay a single corporate membership fee, which allows all employees of that firm to become a member of FSAA and participate in all events at member rates and utilize member services.      

What are the benefits of Corporate Membership?

  1. Reduced administration   Currently Employers process reimbursements for individual membership throughout the year.       Corporate Membership will be a once a year transaction.  

  2. Cost  Generally the corporate membership rate is less than the aggregate of the individual membership fees. We have structured a simple Corporate Membership Scale;

    1. small insurers (less than $200 mill premium) fee at $150 p.a. (less than the cost of 3 membership fees);
    2. medium insurers and the large accounting firms fees at $600 p.a. (less than the cost of 11 membership fees)
    3. the 4 largest general insurers and life insurers fees at $1,500.

  3. Flexibility  The Corporate Member can send any staff member to a professional development event at any time. Corporate Membership allows Employers to target particular professional development opportunities to individual staff members without the need to sign up that person as a member.

  4. Support for the FSAA   By supporting FSAA as a Corporate Member the FSAA is more easily able to attract members. FSAA will be able to attract members as there will be no cost to the individual and no processing of individual membership fees. In addition the noted corporate support of their employer will encourage staff to become members.

  5. Acknowledgement of Support  Corporate Members will be noted on the FSAA website and will also be featured on our promotional material that notifies members and interested parties of upcoming professional development courses and FSAA events.

If you would like to join our growing list of Corporate Members please contact us via membership@fsaa.com.au

Note: Cover-More, Pacific International, EML and Tokio Marine are also part of FSAA's Corporate Membership scheme

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