Cris Parker, Ethics Alliance

Cris Parker, Ethics Alliance

Cris Parker, Head of the Ethics Alliance

Cris heads The Ethics Alliance, a community of organisations across sectors that works to collaboratively shape the future of business ethics. She is also a director of The Banking & Finance Oath, a pledge of integrity and commitment that aims to increase consideration of stakeholders and decision-making accountability by financial service professionals. It is a program she helped execute, and still oversees. She holds a degree in psychology, and in another life, founded a Manhattan theatre company, casting agency, and production studio.

She is  inspired by the humanity that lies under the belly of business and the genuine desire to strengthen society. She is forever inspired by the people she works with who are so wholly committed to what they do. She is inspired by the impact of the work Ethics Alliance does.

Whether it is one person or a room of people, you can see and hear the impact – there is a hunger to learn and contribute to a better society.

The Ethics Centre, brings ethics to the centre of everyday life. Its vision is “A world in which privilege has been tempered by fairness; in which power has been checked by conscience; in which good and right prevail – for the benefit of all".

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