Networking & Adventure - NSW Members and Friends

Networking & Adventure - NSW Members and Friends


From: Thursday February 23, 2012, 6:00 pm

To: Thursday February 23, 2012, 9:00 pm

FSAA welcomes you to an evening of networking and adventure!
FSAA’s Sydney-based Youth Scholars, Justin Chen and Rebecca Wilkins, would like to invite you to join them as well as your industry colleagues and peers at an FSAA networking event being held on the evening of Thursday, 23rd February 2012.

Who should attend?This event is being held for all FSAA members and supporters but in particular it would be great to see new members that may have recently joined through our professional development events. Members are also welcome to extend the invitation to colleagues or friends who are currently non-members but to who the Association may be of interest.

I’m pleased to announce that Australian adventurer Chris Bray will be our guest speaker on the night.  Chris is an very engaging and entertaining speaker.               

Chris Bray, 27, is an adventurer, author and award-winning photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Born into a life of adventure, Chris grew up sailing around the world with his family for five years, and since then has embarked on many different adventures including two unsupported world first expeditions to cross the largely unexplored Victoria Island in the Arctic, hiding from polar bears and being chased by wolves for 128 days over a period of 4 years.   More information about Chris and his adventures can be found on his website.

Chris will talk about his '1000 Hour Day' arctic expedition and his experiences sailing in arctic conditions. 

Drinks will be available from 6.00pm.   Chris will speak for approximately 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session.


Assembly Bar

488 Kent Street , Sydney NSW 2000

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