All IFRS 17 Conference 2019

IFRS 17 Conference 2019

Registration is now OPEN and the Preliminary Agenda is ready for viewing.  See below for more information.  Details of presenters will be added below as their biographical information is received.


The conference will be held on 28-29 November at the Park Royal Hotel, Darling Harbour, Sydney. 

Cost to Attend

We hope that you will join us for both days of the IFRS17 Conference but we understand the time constraints for many of our members.  If you prefer to book one day's registration to the conference we are pleased to be able to offer this as an option. 

Day One will be a refresher, covering the fundamentals of IFRS17.  Day Two will be of a more technical focus.

  • Register for both days - $1200 members / $1300 non-members
  • Register for Day One - $700 members / $800 non-members
  • Register for Day Two - $700 members / $800 non-members

Be sure to book into your preferred industry Break-out Session on Day Two.  Select from 

  • General Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Health Insurance

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Thank you to our presenters who have, on behalf of FSAA, willingly volunteered their time and expertise so that they can share their knowledge of IFRS17 with you at this event.


Day One

Day One's Preliminary Agenda can be viewed here


Day Two

Day Two's Preliminary Agenda can be viewed here


Jenna Cooke, Suncorp

Concepts of IFRS17

Terminlogy, comparison to AASB 1023 / 1038


Hayley Watson, EY

IFRS17 and IFRS9 

Interactions between IFRS9 and IFRS17

Presentation and Disclosure

The presentation and disclosure requirements of IFRS17


Michael Molloy, RT Health

Discussion of Specific Terms

Focusing on aggregation, contract boundary, PA eligibility, i.e. multi year policies, group v. individual incurance contracts


Robert Sharma, APRA

The Regulator's View of IFRS17  

AASB 17 will have significant impact on APRA’s regulatory framework. This session will focus on APRA’s indicative directions for integrating AASB 17 into the capital and reporting frameworks for insurers and a timeframe for APRA’s approach to integrating AASB 17.


Jun H Oh, APRA

The Regulator's View of IFRS17


David Gaudreault, Deloitte

Leading the Breakout Session

IFRS17 as it would affect Life Insurance


Sue Dickinson, AMP

Project Management

Skills required to manage a large scale project