All The Actuaries' Institute AASB 17 Breakfast Session

The Actuaries' Institute AASB 17 Breakfast Session


Francis Beens, Finity Consulting

Francis Beens is an actuary with Finity Consulting, and has worked in General Insurance for more than 12 years.  Francis has consulted to general insurers and accident compensation schemes on actuarial valuations, financial projections, capital, and modelling 

He is currently a member of the Actuaries Institute AASB 17 Implementation Taskforce, and the liaison between that taskforce and the Actuaries Institute General Insurance Practice Committee. 

Antony Claughton, Finity Consulting

Antony Claughton is an actuary with Finity Consulting, based in the firm’s Melbourne office.  Antony has seventeen years of experience in the insurance industry, and has worked within and consulted to companies and governments in Australia and the UK. 

Antony sits on the Actuaries Institute Health Practitioners Committee and the AASB 17 Implementation Taskforce.At Finity Antony signs off with the Appointed Actuary for a number of health and general insurers.  He works on the valuation, pricing and capital work for a number of government schemes and regulators. 

Antony’s interest in IFRS 17 began while he was at KPMG from 2015 to 2017.  At KPMG Antony ran the actuarial support of the audits of multiple health insurers and government schemes.  He also supported the audits of multiple commercial insurers.   Working with the audit teams he was keenly aware that the industry needs to understand the impacts of the change to AASB 17. 

Briallen Cummings, KPMG

Briallen is a partner in KPMG's actuarial and financial risk practice. She is the Australian actuarial lead for IFRS 17 within KPMG.  She has been working on IFRS 17 engagements across the ASPAC region for the past two years.  Briallen is also the appointed actuary for two friendly societies.

David Rush

David has over 30 years’ experience, and has extensive and deep involvement in the development, interpretation and implementation of insurance accounting standards, including membership of the AASB Transition Resource Group for AASB 17, and membership of the Actuaries Institute AASB 17 Implementation Taskforce.

David has previously worked at KPMG Actuarial as a Director, at APRA where he was a senior executive, responsible for matters across Life and General insurance, Superannuation and ADIs, and also at AMP.  Over the years, he has also been a member of a number of committees with the Actuaries Institute.  

Grant Robinson, AMP

Grant Robinson is a Senior Actuary on AMP’s IFRS 17 project. Prior to this, Grant headed up AMP’s Actuarial Systems and Process team. He is currently a member of the AASB’s Insurance Transition Resource Group and the Actuaries Institute AASB 17 Implementation Taskforce. He has been involved in development of the IFRS Insurance Standard since 2007. When not actively involved with the new insurance standard, through work and participation in the International Actuarial Association’s Insurance Standard drafting groups and the AASB 17 Insurance taskforce, he relaxes by trying to catch fish from his sailing kayak.