All National Conference 2021 (Virtual)

National Conference 2021 (Virtual)

The Resilience Playbook

In December 2019, the first indication that something was not right started to emerge. By Mid-March 2020, it had become clear that the world was about to endure a pandemic. By the end of June 2020, the world was in the grips of something that had not occurred for over 100 years – a very serious and drawn-out pandemic.

Over the same period, the world has endured some of the worst bush fires in living memory, severe flooding, hurricanes and typhoons. These ongoing and severe weather events have added to growing concerns over the impacts of climate change.

These factors have placed all of us under extreme levels of stress and will change the way in which we live our lives for generations to come. The impact will affect society, our mental health, the financial markets and our approach to ethics.

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When Friday 12 November 2021 from 10am until 4.20pm AEDT


Held via Zoom and starting at 10am on Friday 12 November, The Resilience Playbook Virtual Conference consisted of five sessions held over one day. During these sessions, we explored the impacts of the events of the past two years on society, individuals, the climate, the markets and our ethical response. 

CPD Hours 

Participants were eligible to claim 5 CPD hours

Importantly, with the change to the CPD rules of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand requiring specific Ethics, this conference provided at least half that requirement

Cost to Attend The Resilience Playbook Virtual Conference

$100 for members

-$155 for non-members (check if you are part of our corporate membership scheme or join now)

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Meet our Presenters


Bernard Salt, Key Note Speaker

Rebuilding Australia

The Australia we open up after the coronavirus will be different. Let’s make it better, more equitable, more aligned to the businesses and the challenges of the 21st Century.

Let’s plan to build an even better Australia


Gavin Thompson, Beyond Blue

"My Story"

Gavin will share his journey of hope, recovery and resilience in the face of a mental health condition.  He will talk about what Beyond Blue does and how the audience can seek help or support a friend or family member who may find themselves in a difficult position. 


Justin Sebire, CCI Insurance

Climate Change - Chair

During this session, our expert panellists will each provide a short presentation which will lead to a panel discussion on Climate Change, facilited by Justin Sebire. 


Christopher Lee, Climate-KIC Australia

Climate Change - Panellist

An overall update on climate risk


Graham Sinden, APRA

Climate Change Panellist

The regulator's view 


Kate Lyons, Suncorp

Climate Change, Panellist

The insurance industry's response


Alison Drill, Swiss Re

Climate Change - Panellist

Innovation and how the reinsurance industry is responding to the risk


Siddharth Parameswaran, JP Morgan

Financial Markets

Siddharth Parameswaran will provide an update on the financial markets. He will address the performance of the markets overall and with specific emphasis on the insurance markets. He will provide an update on the impacts of COVID on the markets and the likely impacts in the future based on vaccination rates, the Doherty and Burnett reports on exit plans and what life will look like post lockdown. He will address the key issues impacting the insurance industry including premium rates, margins, claims and broking. Finally, he will consider the impacts of environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria on companies and the investment markets.


Cris Parker, Ethics Alliance


Cris Parker will present a short keynote speech before a Q&A session on ethics. Victor Walter will moderate the Q&A session. The turmoil caused by so many different events over the past two years has brought the subject of ethics into the spotlight – the choices we make shape the world we live in. Engaging with the unknown, the difficult and the opposed all have an impact – but it is critical that ethics are embedded in all our actions and we gain the calm and strength that comes from living true to the standards we set ourselves.


Victor Walter, FSAA & Unimutual

Opening & Closing, Conference Chair