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RI Industry Update with John Carroll, Aon

In this one hour webinar John Carroll from Aon will provide some insights into the Reinsurance sector.  The webinar will examine the state of the industry, exploring recent developments in the local and international markets, key trends in pricing and capacity as well as views into the future outlook.


Cyber Security, Bastien Treptel, CTRL Group

A clear expectation for APRA regulated insurance companies is that they prioritise cybersecurity.  The threats are accelerating and changes in work practices are potentially leaving firms vulnerable. Compliance with CPS 234 Information Security is accordingly high on the regulatory radar.


Tax basics for the financial specialist

The application of taxation law within an insurance environment comes with a unique set of challenges.  This session will provide a high-level overview of the various taxes applicable to the general insurance industry including current ATO activity, the role of the finance function and some helpful tips and tricks.


ICA hot topics and strategic priorities

The FSAA is proud to welcome the CEO of the Insurance Council of Australia to discuss some of the hot topics on their radar and strategic priorities for the year ahead. The insurance industry is currently faced with a variety of challenges and the ICA is at the forefront of this for the sector. Issues such as affordability, BI Test case, climate change, mitigation, vulnerability & hardship, Indigenous Australians and other transparency topics are front of mind. Over the course of the webinar Andrew and colleagues will shed some light on ICA activities in this space, the BI test case and also allow time for Q&A.


Investor Relations

Investor relations is an essential function for any listed company, acting as the primary link between the company and the investment community. This is especially important in an insurance company, with unique markets forces and accounting treatments. While many finance professionals naturally focus on regulatory financial reporting requirements and the internal management accounting of their organisation, it is essential we are also aware of how our organisations are perceived and assessed externally by investors.


Optima: General Insurance Insights 2020

After an unprecedented 2020, how has the General Insurance industry performed? Join us for this one hour webinar where Andy Cohen from Finity Consulting will examine the state of the General Insurance industry, explore key market trends and present forecasts for the future.  View the slides from this presentation orr read more to view webinar.


Saul Eslake: An economic perspective, COVID19 and its impacts

Get up to speed on the state of the worldwide and Australian economy with renowned presenter, Saul Eslake


Being resilient in the the time of COVID-19

In these challenging times, FSAA is delighted to be assisted by Jono Nicholas to bring you a webinar on psychological stages of COVID-19.  Jono will explore, and give some practical guidance to understand how to be resilient in highly uncertain environments by using practical strategies to manage wellbeing and stress.    


AASB Update - Impact of COVID19

During this webinar our speakers discussed the impacts of COVID19, including

  • When should you make adjustments to the financial statements, particularly for subsequent events?
  • The consideration of the impact of Covid-19 – going concern, fair value measurements, impairment tests or provision for credit losses under IFRS 9

Tax Basics for the Financial Specialist

Finance teams are keen to develop their understanding of the tax environment and what aspects might influence their own roles. This session will provide a high-level overview of the various taxes applicable to the general insurance industry including current ATO activity, the role of the finance function and some helpful tips and tricks.


Should we have been surprised – Bushfires, Storms, COVID-19, and Climate Risk?

The past six months have seen extreme weather, tragic losses from bushfires, COVID-19, and the largest economic shock since the Great Depression. What lessons can be drawn from this bevy of black (grey?) swans? This session will discuss recent events and how learnings can be applied to future climate risk.


Fair Value of Interest Rate Derivatives

April 2020 Valuation of interest rate derivatives has grown in complexity since the swap market inception in the 1980s. In particular the GFC accelerated these advancements, most notably

- Multiple Estimation Curves, one for each index tenor

- Discounting on OIS curves 

The next landmark will surely be the end of LIBOR in Q4 2021, and the development of Risk Free Rate RFR derivative markets. Add on top of this Credit/Debit Valuation Adjustment CVA/DVA and it is not a trivial exercise to value IRD in 2020 and beyond.

View the recording of this webinar where we illustrated with practical examples the concepts of best practice valuation both today and into the future.