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Tax Basics for the Financial Specialist

Finance teams are keen to develop their understanding of the tax environment and what aspects might influence their own roles. This session will provide a high-level overview of the various taxes applicable to the general insurance industry including current ATO activity, the role of the finance function and some helpful tips and tricks.


Should we have been surprised – Bushfires, Storms, COVID-19, and Climate Risk?

The past six months have seen extreme weather, tragic losses from bushfires, COVID-19, and the largest economic shock since the Great Depression. What lessons can be drawn from this bevy of black (grey?) swans? This session will discuss recent events and how learnings can be applied to future climate risk.


Fair Value of Interest Rate Derivatives

April 2020 Valuation of interest rate derivatives has grown in complexity since the swap market inception in the 1980s. In particular the GFC accelerated these advancements, most notably

- Multiple Estimation Curves, one for each index tenor

- Discounting on OIS curves 

The next landmark will surely be the end of LIBOR in Q4 2021, and the development of Risk Free Rate RFR derivative markets. Add on top of this Credit/Debit Valuation Adjustment CVA/DVA and it is not a trivial exercise to value IRD in 2020 and beyond.

View the recording of this webinar where we illustrated with practical examples the concepts of best practice valuation both today and into the future.