All Conference Speakers 2016

Conference Speakers 2016

Below are our confirmed speakers.


Robert Allen, PwC

Fintech and Disruptive Technologies - the immediate opportunities for Personal, Life and Commercial lines of Insurance

The insurance industry is not immune from the growth of Fintech. With that disruption comes the opportunity to meet the challenges of incorporating millions of underinsured clients into the financial system with innovative new insurance products. 


Glynn Austen-Brown, EY

Digital Operations

Disruption in the form of digital innovation is one of the hottest topics within the insurance sector. The Australian market is becoming increasingly competitive with organic growth harder than ever to achieve. The key to winning in the market is unlocking genuine customer centricity, while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.  Digital Operations in the form of automation, including robotics and other digital levers, has the potential to revolutionise processes, helping to minimise costs in addition to reducing fulfilment times, and eliminating costly processing errors.



Kieren Chidgey, Deutsche Bank

Overview of the Insurance Industry

ROEs across the Australian general insurance industry slipped back to single digit levels in 2015, joining still depressed life insurance returns. This session reviews the drivers of recent insurance industry performance and provides and considers the prospect for improved returns against a backdrop of low interest rates and rising competition.


Richard Heilig, Hollard Insurance

Disrupting the Market – Lessons from a Challenger Brand

Constant change, innovation, competitive markets and increased customer expectations are the norm.  So how can you stay both relevant and disrupt the market in these challenging times?

Hear from Richard Heilig, COO of Hollard Insurance, as he shares his experience of how Hollard Australia took on a well-established and mature market to become a significant player in the insurance industry and what it is doing today to increase market share and continue to disrupt the industry through innovation, partnerships and customer centricity.


Cornell Hoffman, CommInsure & Conference Chair

Cornell has been a Federal Council member since December 2013. He is currently Chairman of the National Conference.


Fahmi Hosain, APRA

Risk culture within financial institutions – APRA’s perspective

A major buzz phrase within financial services at the moment is ‘risk culture’.  This session will provide you with the prudential regulator’s perspective on risk culture, including its current observations of the financial services industry and what the role of regulation should be on this topic.  You will gain a deeper understanding of risk culture as well as what APRA-regulated institutions can expect from its prudential regulator in relation to risk culture going forward.


Grant Hollyman, AON

Reinsurance Capital – Disrupter or Innovator

There is more Capital than ever in the Reinsurance World.  This session will include how this Capital is being deployed / how long term is this Capital and what could happen post a large loss in Australia or elsewhere.


Neil Kerr, KPMG

Conduct risk: delivering the right product to the right customer at the right value

Local and global regulators are increasingly focussing on assessing how firms deal with conduct risk to deliver good outcomes for consumers. In this session,  we will explore the latest regulatory developments drawing on insights from other markets such as the UK. We will also consider examples of how firms have developed their conduct risk framework to deliver good customer outcomes and benefits to shareholders alike to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right value.


Andrew Morgan, CBA Wealth Management

Future of Finance

The rapidly changing nature of technology, regulation and the increasing demands of customers provides both threats and opportunities for finance professionals.  Inevitably, the finance team of the future will look very different to that of today.  It will require an evolving set of skills to focus on new and different activities, supported by access to the right tools and in the context of changing work practices. 


Max Murray & Jonathan Perkinson, Deloitte

Fintech and Blockchain. What could they mean for insurance?

Max’s and Jonathan’s session will look at the disruption to the insurance industry by Fintech’s and how this will evolve.  It will then look at Blockchain, one of the potential key disruptive drivers and how this could impact innovation in insurance.     


Edith Pfister, TAL

Strategic Risk Management - for competitiveness and survival

A key lesson learned from the GFC was the importance of managing strategic risk for competitiveness and survival in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Providing strategic risk thought-leadership requires finance, risk and strategy specialists to think outside-in. They must partner with the business to help execute their strategies effectively and safely.  This session will provide practical tools to master this journey.


Rob Redenbach

Leading The Way

Rob Redenbach is the best-selling author of What I Didn't Learn at Harvard. Drawing from experiences that include taking part in drug raids with the FBI in Los Angeles, training Nelson Mandela’s bodyguards in South Africa and providing personal protection to aid-workers in war-torn Iraq, Rob provides compelling insights into leadership and resilience. 


Veena Sahajwalla


Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla, ‘Eco Alchemist’, is one of the world's leading innovators in the field of sustainable materials use.   Veena will inspire you on how innovation can make a positive impact on everyone's day-to-day lives.


Mark Senkevics, Swiss Re

Building resilience in a risky world

Re/insurers are operating in a risk landscape that is shifting ever more rapidly.  Preparing and adapting to these emerging risks will ensure that as an industry, we are as resilient as we can be. 


Toby Tranvanner, MC

Toby is an unforgettable master of ceremonies (MC). He brings 30 years in business and 20+ years as a presenter and consultant into his role as an MC.

Those that attended the 2015 National Conference will surely remember what a fantastic job Toby did. He successfully captures the key messages from each session and ensures the conference attendees are kept motivated and involved, adding content value and seamless progression throughout the Conference.